Its very hard to believe how fraudsters are getting very cunning these days to deceive innocent candidates looking for jobs. Today, a candidate came to our office in Tezpur, Assam to get his results verified. As narrated by him, he had recently given the exam of Indian Railway, qualified in it and had also attended training in Kolkata and was waiting for the joining letter.

The website he gave me to verify the result was and  I checked his result on the website using his roll number and his name popped out as selected. But on further browsing the website something seemed suspicious.

I usually have less trust on official websites that are not on domains which are reserved for government & institutions such as , or, so i tried to investigate further.

On doing a quick research through whois and google search i was completely shocked & convinced that the website was fake. Here is a screenshot from for the domain whois

Registrant organization mentioned was “Noida Escorts” with no valid phone number and address.

So, the question arises.

Why would someone make a fake recruitment website?

The answer could be many. On asking further details about the examination & training the candidate claimed that he had given few lakhs for the entire procedure, i.e for the trainings and selection which revealed the truth.

This candidate had been a victim of job fraud leading to loss of money & time but you could prevent this by informing yourself and your community about these fake railway job sites.

Below are the list of fake Indian Railway Recruitment Job sites used for scamming people.

There could be many more such fake websites, so try to take sometime and do the complete research & due diligence before taking any step.

How to know whether an Indian Railway Recruitment site is genuine?

Remember that most of the government & institution websites always ends with , or .

For the complete list of Railway Recruitment Board Official websites visit here:

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  1. These websites must be immediately reported to the cyber crime team to stop such act by fraudsters.

  2. Why this websites not stop yet, its still open, some one should inform to cyber cell team

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